The Wheat Ridge Optimists Club gives me an avenue to contribute to the community through all the programs that they are involved with, from the neighborhood school programs, to Ronald MacDonald House, to four $2000 college scholarships that are generated through this club.  It is also giving back to the world on an international level thru Optimists International. I appreciate all the work that goes into making this happen, and the Wheat Ridge Optimists are doing it with a smile and have been doing it for over 57 years now.

Gale SchragMember of Wheat Ridge Optimist

I have been a member of the Wheat Ridge Optimist Club for 13 years.  I enjoy our motto, Friend of Youth, which allows me to give back to many kids in the Wheat Ridge area.  From our scholarship program to all of our assistance at all our local schools, I have really enjoyed giving back  to my community.

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